How is 4 Play Amusements raising the bar?

Reason 1:

As a leading operator in the state, it is imperative that our company meet the demand of its many customers.  With our trained service technicians on call seven days a week.  We are able to keep our customers satisfied by having their service needs met in a timely manner.  If a machine isnít working properly, all the customer needs to do is call 888-4-Play-13, and we will be there!

Excellent service means less downtime for your machines, which means maximum profits!

Reason 2:

After a machine has been at a location for a while, we have found that players can lose interest.  Our software system, which helps us monitor our accounts, provides reports as to what machines are performing well and what machines are not.  We also count on the location to provide input as to what machines might perform better.  If a machine has not proven to be effective at a particular location, we will replace it with another machine.

We monitor the performance of our machines and determine if a rotation is necessary, which means maximum profit!

Reason 3:

There are times when a part on a machine needs to be replaced.  This is where many other operators fail.  They may offer fast service, but if a part needs to be replaced and they donít have it on hand, a service technician is not going to be able to fix the machine.  At 4 Play Amusements, we stock the parts necessary to keep our machines running.  We are there when you need us and we have the parts necessary to complete the job FAST.

We fix it FAST, which means maximum profit!

Reason 4:

In this industry, preventative maintenance is key.  Several times a year, every machine is thoroughly shopped.  We have found that by maintaining our machines in this fashion, there are fewer problems in the future and potential problems, such as non working computer fans, are found before they cause downtime.  This is a real time-saver for both the customer and our company.

Save time and keep your machines running smoothly and problem-free, which means maximum profit!

Reason 5:

Our collectors are a group of people that we are quite proud of, as they are honest, dependable, and accurate. At each collection, the collector has a collection sheet, which shows how much money each machine at the location generated the prior collection. This information can be helpful to the location as it can show any unusual fluctuation in income between collections.

Receive an honest count and an honest split of machine revenue, which means maximum profit!

4 Play Amusements offers everything a business owner wants: service, honesty, profits, and the freedom to run your company without the hassle of worrying about the machines!

You simply receive your share of the proceeds at each collection and 4 Play Amusements will take care of the rest!


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